第一篇 有关鼓励中国企业在美国投资的讲话。这个段落显得非常口语化,信息安排比较简单,唯一的难点就是速度显得有一些快,这对于考生的笔记是个挑战。
  第一段 As someone has long been engaged in promoting America's trade ties to China, I am so glad to attend today’s seminar on Chinese investment in the states and I very much appreciate your interest in making an investment in my country. The message I wish to convey to you is loud and clear. United State welcomes China's investments a point made abundantly clear by President Obama when he met Chinese president Xi Jinping in California.  Why? The reason is simple.  We need Chinese investment to create good-paying American jobs, upgrade our infrastructure and broaden our middle-class.
  对于二级学员来说,一般应该已经熟练掌握笔记的结构与符号,应该是学会简化笔记,利用较少的信息复述较多内容的时候了,这个段落的第一句看似字很多,但实际落在纸面的似乎没有什么内容,”trade tie”,“seminar”,“appreciate”,这三个概念就足以支撑起对这句话内容的提示。后面一句中的三个列举对于考生是第一个考验,列举中稍有难度的是 broaden our middle class,“增加中产阶级人数。”
  第二段 And there are also a whole lot of reasons why Chinese companies ought to come here.  The United States has the world’s largest market. America is open for business. people are looking at lower energy costs here. They are looking at stability , they are looking at the increased productivity of our workers.  This is a great platform from which you can export duty-free around the world because of the free-trade agreements we have with many countries. The U.S market is well-developed with the sound legal system and there are lot of sectors worth your investments. The weak recovery in U.S economy means opportunities for Chinese companies to acquire technology, brands and sales networks, which can be connected with the huge Chinese market and bring great benefits to Chinese investors China and the US agreed in July last year to start substantive negotiations on bilateral investment treaty, which will reduce investment barriers and facilitate market access in the two economies.  So it is now the best time for Chinese companies to put money in the United States.
  第三段 Entering foreign market is a great challenge for any country. There will be differences in culture, languages, regulations, consumer habits, infrastructure and human capital. so what's important is that you should learn more about the American culture, mesh rush instead of fighting  it. We will help you navigate national state and local rules and regulations so that you can invest faster, open facilities faster and make profit faster.  But in the United States some industries are highly regulated and foreign companies should appreciate this to avoid delays.
  To succeed in the United States, a Chinese company should hire experienced  local staff will understand how business is conducted across cultures and identify key stakeholders.  You should also state legal accounting and insurance services provided by American law firms, investment banks,public relations firms and insurance companies to reduce risks. Chinese companies operating in the US how they can contribute to the local community and bolster American growth and employment. In addition they should undertake crisis plan to prevent a minor issue from developing into a big one that could affect t their image.
  对划线词的熟悉程度再次成为考试的焦点,stakeholder “利益攸关方“一词在本次考试中出现了两次,成为一个焦点词汇,这里面的信息非常明确,阅读大量有关中美商业贸易的报道,熟悉其中词汇是通过二级考试的不二法门。
  第五段 Building brands  is critically important. Chinese brands are not very well known in the United States.  Chinese companies will therefore do more to build awareness and promote their products to American consumers. it takes time and money for an investment project to be successful. You need to make long-term and major investing or just don’t bother. More importantly, start Greenfield project, namely, building new factories from ground provides smoother move into the US market than does a merger or acquisition. As more Chinese companies make investment in the United States, they will add a new dimension to the close business relations between the world’s two largest economies. It is my hope that Chinese companies will be firmly implanted in United States and become an integral and valuable part of our country’s economic and social fabric.
  本段一个词汇是“Greenfield project.” 看似考词,其实考的是考生是否形成了准确捕捉英语母语说话人进行表达的习惯,”namely”一词的出现其实就是告知考生对于greenfield一词要进行解释,考生此时就不应该再纠结于这个新词的意思,应该转向对意义的判断。
  此外,merge 和acquisition, 并购这类词应该对考生不再陌生。
  第二篇 :本篇文章来自北京周报的一篇特约稿件,作者是纽约大学的兼职教授。作者是华裔,虽然用英文写的,但从行文思路和语序还是比较接近中文,逻辑一般,用词比较简单(对比原文实际上是出题方进行了简化),只要能够抓住基本内容,听记应该不算困难。
  第一段:For years,policy makers and economists have all used GDP to measure the growth of country. But this excessive focus on GDP can distort development incentives and lead to unintended consequences. Clearly, for a country to prosper, sufficient economic activity must be generated in order to employ greater numbers of people and to improve the overall standard of living. However, GDP was developed as a measure decades ago, and it has many shortcomings that can make it a poor measure of quality of life. Instead, economists and policy makers should focus on other indicators and develop new models for measuring a country's development progress. And this is fully possible with today's technology.//
  Generate economic activity是一个较为正式的表达,其实就是make economic activity happen.口译者有的时候应该可以望文生义的。
  第二段:GDP records all the  financial transactions for products and services within a country. The first problem with this measure is that with many companies operating in multiple countries, the profits that is created do not necessarily stay within a country's borders. In fact,  a majority of the profits of multinational firms flows back to the country of origin. For instance, Nike may hire Chinese workers to produce its shoes, have stores in China to sell its products, and only Chinese customers buy from those stores. 90 percent of the economic activity happens in China and gets recorded in China's GDP. However, the majority of the profits of Nike goes back to the owners in the United States even if none of the economic activity happens in the United States. The national wealth measure is therefore, distorted because it would seem that China is getting richer and the United States is getting poorer. Obviously, this is not the case.
  第三段: Secondly, GDP does not show distribution of income. A company that creates a lot of income from production does not show how that income is being distributed. The majority of profits  actually go to very few individuals and that the income inequality is wide in China. Another problem with GDP as a measure for economic progress is that it only captures financial transactions. When a mother takes his kid to watch a movie, that activity is captured in GDP. But when she takes the same kid to play soccer in a park, that activity is not captured in GDP. However, going to the park to play socce rcould create a better quality of life than going to the movies. if the focus becomes overwhelmingly on GDP growth, policy makers would have more incentives to create more movie theaters than public parks. As the result, the quality of life could drop. //
  A company that creates a lot of income from production does not show how that income is being distributed.一家能够创造很多收入的公司不能表明收入是如何分配的。
  第四段:The worst part about focusing on GDP is that it can actually create the conditions for a worse quality of life. The pollution that causes cancers, food poisoning, or birth defects actually adds to GDP growth because whenever people seek medical help and incur medical bills to pay for all these ailments, GDP grows. On the other hand, GDP doesn't grow if people remain healthy and don't seek medical help. Obviously, it is much better to have a healthier, cleaner society, but that will not create higher GDP growth.
  这个段落从逻辑上说很简单,但听记上有些难度,一个是有一个三词列举,中间包含一个“先天缺陷”较难,另一个是 incur medical bills to pay for all these ailments。Incur 一词相对生疏,其实就是产生,ailment一词其实就是disease换个说法,英语求雅替换的习惯会在一定程度上考住译者,需要根据上下文进行判断。
  第五段:In summary, GDP can be used as a guide, but it should be considered alongside other factors and indicators that are important to developing a sustainable society. Other measurements that should be adopted include the happiness index which measures satisfaction with life, air quality index, pollution index, and life expectancy. GDP has been relied upon because it is fast and easy to gather that gross data and make simple comparisons across countries. But because of its many shortcomings, policy makers would achieve their development goals faster if they also used other ways to measure their progress.
  这个段落主要听明白下划线词,处理好下划线的定语从句即可。Relied upon对于译者会有一些小小的挑战。