The world did celebrate as the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve, in one lime zone after another, from Kiribati and Fiji westward around the globe to Samoa People of all cultures joined in 一 not only those for whom the millennium might be thought to have a special significance. The Great Wall of China and the Pyramids of Giza were lit as brightly as Manger Square in Bethlehem and St. Peter's Square in Rome, Tokyo, Jakarta and New Delhi joined Sydney, Moscow, Paris, New York, Rio de Janeiro and hundreds of other cities in hosting millennial festivities. Children's faces reflected the candlelight from Spitabergen in Norway to Robben Island in South Africa, For 24 hours the human family celebrated its unity through an unprecedented display of its rich diversity.
  全世界都在欢庆,新千年的钟声在午夜敲响(增词、省略)。—个时区接着一个时区,从基里巴斯和斐济,向西环绕地球直到萨摩亚。人们,不管是什么文化背景,都参加了庆祝活动,而不仅仅是那些认为新千年有特殊意义的人(断 句、增词)。中国的长城和吉萨的金宇塔灯火辉煌,伯利恒马槽广场和罗马圣彼得广场宛如白昼(断句、增词)。东京、雅加达、新德里、悉尼、莫斯科、巴黎、纽约、里约热内卢和其他千百个城市都举办了新千年庆祝活动。孩子们的脸上闪现着美丽的烛光,从挪威的斯匹次卑尔根群岛到南非的罗本岛。在这24小时里,人类大家庭庆祝人类的团结一致,展现形式史无前例,内容丰富,多彩多样(断句、转换)
  The Millennium Summit affords an opportunity for reflection. The General Assembly convened this gathering of Heads of State and Government to address the role of the United Nations in the twenty-first century. Both the occasion and the subject require us to step back from today's headlines and take a broader, longer-term view—of the state of the world and the challenges it poses for this organization.
  There is much to be grateful for. Most people today can expect to live longer than their parents, let alone their more remote ancestors. They are better nourished. enjoy better health, are better educated, and on the whole face more favourable economic prospects.
  There are also many things to deplore, and to correct. The century just ended was disfigured, time and again,by ruthless conflict. Grinding poverty and striking inequality persist within and among countries even amidst unprecedented wealth. Diseases, old and new, threaten to undo painstaking progress. Nature's life-sustaining services, on which our species depends for its survival, are being seriously disrupted and degraded by our own everyday activities.
  The world's people look to their leaders, when they gather at the Millennium Summit, to identify and act on the major challenges ahead.
  The United Nations can succeed in helping to meet those challenges only if all of us feet a renewed sense of mission about our common endeavour. We need to remind ourselves why the United Nations exists—for what, and for whom. We also need to ask ourselves what kind of United Nations the world's leaders are prepared to support, in deeds as well as words. Clear answers are necessary to energize and focus the Organization's work in the decades ahead. It is those answers that the Millennium Summit must provide.
  联合国能够成功地帮助我们应对这些挑战,但前提是我们大家重新建立一种使命感,我们共同事业的使命感(增词、断句、重复)。我们要提醒自己联合国存在的原因,为什么存在?为了谁而存在?(增词)我们还要问自己,什么样的联合国是世界各国领导人准备支持的? 口头上也好,行动上也好(断句)。我们有必要给出明确的答案,以便加强和集中联合国的工作,今后几十年的工作(增词、重复)。