概述 General Terms 
  保护主义                  protectionism 
  闭关自守                  closed door policy 
  畅通工程                  Smooth Traffic Project 
  初级成分                  primary sector 
  粗放式管理                extensive management 
  从粗放经济转变为集约经济  shift from extensive economy to intensive economy
  促进全球经济一体化        foster integration with the global economy 
  盗用公款                  embezzlement 
  地方财政包干制            system whereby local authorities take full responsibility for their finances 
  地区差异                  regional disparity 
  短平快项目                a project yielding quick returns with a relatively low investment 
  短线产品                  products in shorts supply 
  二元经济                  dual economy 
  发展不平衡                disparate development 
  发展民族经济              develop the national economy 
  发展是硬道理              Development is of overriding importance./ Development is the absolute need. 
  翻两番                    quadruple 
  放宽经营条件限制          relax business restrictions 
  扶贫                      helping the poor 
  改善投资环境              improve the investment environment 
  工商局                    industrial and commercial administration 
  公共部门;公共成分        public sector 
  关税总水平                general tariff level 
  管制经济                  controlled economy 
  规模经济                  economy of scale 
  国产化率                 import substitution rate; localization rate of parts and components 
  国际商业社会             the global business community 
  国家粮食库存             the state grain reserves 
  国民生产总值             gross national product (GNP)
  国内生产总值             gross domestic product (GDP)
  合理引导消费             guide rational consumption 
  宏观调控                 macro-control 
  混合经济                 mixed economy 
  基本国情                 fundamental realities of the country 
  积极的财政政策           proactive fiscal policy 
  集体经济                 collective economy
  集中精力把经济建设搞上去 go all out for economic development 
  计划经济                 planned economy 
  计划调节                 regulation through state planning 
  讲诚信,反欺诈           honor credibility and oppose cheating 
  解放生产力             emancipate the productive forces 
  经济波动                 economic fluctuation 
  经济复苏                 economic recovery 
  经济杠杆                 economic levers 
  经济平衡                 economic balance 
  经济趋势                 economic trend 
  经济渠道                 economic channels 
  经济全球化             economic globalization 
  经济失调指数         misery index 
  经济衰退                 economic depression 
  经济腾飞                 economic take-off /boom
  (有)经济头脑的人       commercially minded (people); (people with) business sense 
  控股公司                 holding company 
  拉动经济增长             fuel economic growth 
  理顺                     straightening out 
  家庭联产承包责任制       the household contract responsibility system 
  停职留薪                 retain the job but suspend the salary 
  乱收费,乱摊派,乱罚款   arbitrary charges , fund-raising quotas and fines 
  配套政策                 supporting policies 
  贫富悬殊                 polarization of rich and poor 
  求得公平合理的解决       seek a fair and reasonable solution 
  三步走战略               the three-step development strategy 
  社会热点问题             hot spots of society 
  涉外经济                 foreign-related business 
  实体经济                 the real economy 
  实现零的突破             achieve the zero breakthrough 
  实用、有效、廉价、方便   practical ,efficient , economical and convenient for use 
  市政当局                 municipality 
  适度从紧的财政政策       moderately tight fiscal policy 
  私营成分,私营部门       private sector 
  停滞;萧条              stagnation 
  通货紧缩                 deflation (of currency )
  统筹安排                 comprehensive arrangement 
  统一市场                 single market 
  托管制度                 trusteeship 
  网络经济                 cybereconomy 
  伪劣商品赔还法           lemon law 
  温饱工程                 project for adequate food and clothing 
  效益农业                 profitable agriculture 
  新兴经济                 emerging economies 
  养老金                   pension 
  以经济建设为中心         focusing on the central task of economic construction 
  以质量求生存、求发展、求效益 strive for survival , development and efficiency on the basis of quality 
  优化结构和提高效益      optimized structure and better economic returns 
  优税待遇                preferential taxation treatment 
  有中国特色的社会主义市场经济体制 socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics 
  与国际市场接轨          integrate with the world market; become integrated into the global market 
  中国经济景气检测中心    China Economic Monitoring Center 
  中国新经济峰会          China New Economy Summit 
  主体经济                the mainstay of the economy 
  专属经济区              exclusive economic zone 
  追赶型和跨越式发展      pursuant and leap-forward development 
  资源配置                the distribution / allocation of resources 
  自由经济                liberal economy 
  政治经济学              political economy 
  官方表述 Official Statements 
  We should undertake the following main tasks for economic development and reform in the first two decades of this century: to improve the socialist market economy, promote strategic adjustment of the economic structure, basically accomplish industrialization, energetically apply IT, accelerate modernization, maintain a sustained, rapid and sound development of the national economy and steadily uplift the people's living standards.
  the basic old-age pension and medical insurance systems for urban workers
  Efforts will be made to quadruple the GDP of the year 2000 by 2020, and China's overall national strength and international competitiveness will increase markedly.
  give priority to efficiency with due consideration to fairness, earnestly implanting the distribution policy while advocating the spirit of devotion and guarding against an excessively disparity in income while opposing equalitarianism
  People will enjoy a sound public order and live and work in peace and contentment 
  deepen the reform of the income distribution system and improve the social security system 
  make the rural economy flourish and speed up urbanization
  the systems of unemployment insurance and subsistence allowances for urban residents 
  a social security system compatible with the level of economic development 
  push the whole society onto a path to civilized development featuring the growth of production, an affluent life and a sound ecosystem
  vigorously advance the development of the western region and bring about a coordinated development of regional economies
  The eastern, central and western regions should strengthen economic exchanges and cooperation to complement one another and secure common development so as to form a number of distinctive economic zones and belts.
  stick to and improve the basic economic system and deepen the reform of the state property management system
  In line with the requirements of releasing and developing the productive forces, we must uphold and improve the basic economic system, with public ownership playing a dominant role and diverse forms of ownership developing side by side.
  The state sector controls the lifeline of the national economy and is of crucial importance in displaying the superiority of the socialist system and reinforcing the economic strength, national defense capabilities and national cohesion.
  As an important component of the public sector, the collective sector of the economy plays a significant role in achieving common prosperity.
  The non-public sector of self-employed, private and other forms of ownership is an important component of the socialist market economy. They play an important role in mobilizing the initiative of all quarters of the society to quicken the development of the productive forces.